A Challenge to the Flag Stompers — #PatriotChallenge

Updated: May 5, 2015



As Americans, we enjoy freedoms and privileges that most people can only dream. I respect those rights and privileges wholeheartedly. However, that does not excuse the ignorance and misdirected energy placed into the “Stomp the American Flag Challenge”. In many other countries, this behavior will only get you prison time and monetary fines. Are you up for that challenge, or is your soft spine melting into your gutless body when there is an actual consequence?

In the recent past, there have been several “challenges” on social media, such as the ice bucket challenge. These past challenges were used to support a notable cause that helps underprivileged people or those with developmental and/or physical disabilities. These challenges have targeted people to come together and help those who need it. These challenges were honorable and beneficial, until, the “Stomp the Flag” challenge came along. How is helping a racist delinquent a challenge? What makes it notable, other than its sheer stupidity?

It is not difficult to be ignorant. It is not a challenge to support a scumbag. It is not a challenge to walk on a flag that you have never done one ounce of work to support or defend. So maybe all the flag stompers and supporters of racism and offenders need another challenge. Maybe this country is just too easy and you all are just looking for any challenge, regardless of the cause. It could also be that you are just fucking stupid and did not get enough attention at home growing up.

I challenge the flag stompers to learn what they are stomping. They need to learn that they are stomping on their very freedom to stomp on the flag. They are stomping on the Constitution, specifically their 1st Amendment right. They are stomping on the civil rights movement. They are stomping on equality. They are choosing to support a racist and a criminal. What is honorable about this cause?

shutterstock_13059538Unfortunately, the flag stompers are nothing more that ignorant, bandwagon riders that would do anything for ten seconds on Youtube. I’m sorry douchebags, but the people in this country have spent a long time trying to eradicate and punish racism and criminals alike. People of this nature are not acceptable or welcome in our great nation. We will punish the people you are supporting because their behavior is immoral, unethical, unacceptable, and against the law. Your support of them is nothing less than hilarious, uneducated, and nauseating.

Ultimately, I challenge the ignorant and misguided flag stompers to band together and save up enough money to go to a different country. If they really want to show how much of a challenge they can take on, please go to one of the hundreds of countries that punish people for such things, many of them very harshly. Come on; show us how badass you all are. If you want to support criminals and racists, do it in other countries where they are actual punishments for doing what you do.

I do not care if people like our current president or politics. The Flag represents many things over the history of our country. Ultimately, it represents everything that has been done over time to provide us with the freedoms we have, to allow a civil rights movement to create equality, and to allow the oppressed to rise up and be heard. This flag and what it represents ensures that as long as you are in this country you will be free to speak, demonstrate, and practice any religion that you want without fear of reprisal, among many other things.

IMG_0448As the flag stompers try to make a feeble attempt to drive the nation into the past by supporting racism and lawbreakers, the rest of us just laugh and hope that you leave the country. We do not need you here and we definitely do not want you here.



Editor’s Note: I am tired of seeing nothing but negative things (like the flag stomping) on social media. Ranger Up and Havok Journal are converging fires to start a new trend amongst those who do respect the flag and all that it stands for. We challenge you to take a photo showing how you respect the flag, tag it with #patriotchallenge and post it to your own social media accounts. I am sure there are a lot more who do respect the flag than a couple of douchebags.   To the right is my contribution. -Rob



One Comment

  1. Schiller

    May 6, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    As always a great article, couldn’t have said it better myself, thanks much RU

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