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Updated: January 17, 2013

68000 Remember - Build wall of support[1][6] (2)

Spirit of America would like to get your help with an effort to build awareness for our 68,000 US troops in Afghanistan. There has been a lot of buzz in the news recently about troop levels and drawdown from Afghanistan. But it remains that we still have 68,000 of our brave men and women in uniform still serving and risking their lives for our country. We find that many Americans are not aware that we have so many–husbands, fathers, sons, sisters, mothers, daughters–still actively deployed to Afghanistan.

Spirit of America wants to change that through their “68,000 Remember” campaign. The campaign’s sole purpose is to raise awareness and support for the 68,000 American men and women still serving and sacrificing in Afghanistan. This campaign does not take any position on U.S. policy or on the war in Afghanistan. Their view is simple: as long as our country has asked our troops to serve, they should be acknowledged and supported.

A key component of the campaign is to build a photo “Wall of Support”. They are asking people to remember our troops by uploading a photo with the words “68,000 Remember” in it to the Wall of Support located on the Spirit of America Facebook page or by emailing it directly to [email protected]. The campaign runs through January 31st.

Their goal is to get 68,000 photos – one for each American service member still serving in Afghanistan. People can also spread the word through social media with the tag #68kRemember. They have received support from some well-known folks including Michael Strahan, former Sec. George Shultz, the NY Jets and the New England Patriots which has been super! But their goal is to get people of all walks of life involved.

With your support we can make sure that those still serving in Afghanistan know that they are supported, and that their sacrifices are appreciated.

Keep an eye on our Twitter account (@TheRhinoDen) and you will see ours. Here is our challenge to you…post  your photo with an RU shirt on and if you are creative enough, we just may shoot you another shirt for your troubles (make sure you MT @TheRhinoDen so we see it).



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