• Can Stolen Valor Cause a War? The Curious Case of Pryam Farll.

      By Ragnar Musashi In my travels through social media, I may have—by complete accident—stumbled upon one of the greatest cases of Stolen Valor I’ve ever seen. I...

  • Warfighters Seeking Purpose

      By Kerry Patton For over a year, I passively removed myself from the veteran community. I became engrossed with my new life after a long transition from...

  • Trust Me, You Don’t Know Hate

      By Mad Medic So let’s talk about hate. I’m not talking about what you think your political opponents feel towards the group that you think is special...

  • The Rhino Den Guide to Avoiding Workplace Violence

      by Paul J. O’Leary We live in what increasingly seems to be a more violent world where workplace violence and the continued proliferation of Nickelback and Justin...

  • Why “22” Will Never Change

      By Anonymous Ever noticed how much the internet is abuzz about suicide? Every day you can visit any social networking platform and read at least one article...

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