• DeskJob

    Staff Duty Blues

      By Left of the Boom We have all felt it.  If you spent any time on active duty your name got put on that DA 6 the...

  • shutterstock_86219128

    CIA, Torture, and You

      By SGT Awesome The other day the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (no, they aren’t aware of the irony of their name) released what is known commonly...

  • rs

    Keep Apologizing Rolling Stone

    By RU Guest Contributor Cora Kane I admit to having a stack of Rolling Stone magazines. However, in my collection you won’t find one dated past 1987. The...

  • isishunt-8.gif

    Take One For The Team

      By Left of the Boom ISIS is threatening American military personnel at home by encouraging sympathizers in the States to commit acts of violence. The FBI has...

  • surly

    Top 15 Signs of Curmudgeonism

      By RU Rob Our in-house curmudgeon, Kelly Crigger, has blessed the holiday season with a slew of  curmudgeonisms.  If you have not read his book, Curmudgeonism: A...

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