Operation Ranger Up
  • 005_niedringhaus---us-marine-a2ade758ec10b31db4a8bb13a0e56b63b71f54e1-s6-c30

    Superstition Road

      By Left of the Boom Nearly every Soldier I have met has a quirk, a habit, a fear, a superstition that they must obey with nearly religious...

  • ISIS1

    ISIS Beheadings – What We Can Do

      By Lana Duffy It started with Daniel Pearl. On 21 February 2002, the video was released of Pearl’s beheading in the border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan....

  • 130

    Happy Birthday to Hercules – 60 Years of Flying

      By RU Pablo “C-130 rolling down the strip, 64 Rangers on a one-way trip…” Regardless of your MOS or if you joined the Army in 1974 or...

  • crossfit

    Is Crossfit the Enemy?

      By Nick Barringer The most polarizing topics known to man might be religion, politics, and…Crossfit. A quick search on the internet and you will quickly realize there...

  • right

    Light on the Right: Ditch Deployment Dodgers

      By Havoc13 “Bro, is that an O6… with no combat patch???” The question, asked by a good friend of mine who happens to be a former Ranger...

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